A Ghost Hunter's Guide: Haunted Places in Hawaii

Hawaii, known for its sandy beaches and cultural significance, also has a rich history with various reputedly haunted sites. For those interested in the paranormal, here are six locations in Hawaii known for their mysterious tales:

The Morgan House – Oahu

Situated in the picturesque Manoa Valley on Oahu, The Morgan House has stood since the early 1900s. This historical structure carries stories from various visitors who have reported unexplained phenomena. Alongside its remarkable architecture and scenic views, tales include observations of flickering lights, mysterious noises, and an overwhelming sensation of being monitored. The exact origin of these events remains a topic of speculation, but the reports are consistent enough to intrigue paranormal enthusiasts.

Pali Lookout – Oahu

Besides offering panoramic vistas of Oahu's windward coast, the Pali Lookout is steeped in historical significance. The area witnessed a pivotal battle where numerous warriors met their end. Visitors to the lookout have reported sensations that suggest these events might still linger in the atmosphere. Sudden, unexplained gusts of wind and an eerie feeling of being observed are common tales. Some attribute these occurrences to the spirits of the fallen warriors, making this a site of both natural beauty and mysterious tales.

'Iolani Palace – Oahu

The 'Iolani Palace is not only an architectural marvel but also a testament to Hawaii's rich monarchy history. As the only royal palace on U.S. soil, its halls have witnessed the highs and lows of the Hawaiian kingdom. Many visitors report ghostly encounters, attributing them to members of the former Hawaiian monarchy. Cold drafts, inexplicable footsteps, and occasional visual apparitions have been reported. Some believe these are the remnants of the royalty who once graced these halls, making the palace a convergence of history and mystery.

The Kilauea Lighthouse – Kauai

Perched on Kauai's northernmost point, the Kilauea Lighthouse serves as both a guiding beacon and a holder of legends. Tales have circulated about the spirit of a former lighthouse keeper who continues to patrol the grounds. Sightings of shadowy figures and phantom footsteps are frequently mentioned. Given its isolation and the rhythmic sound of the sea, the lighthouse setting amplifies the eerie ambiance, making it a must-visit for those intrigued by the paranormal.

The Old Wailuku Inn – Maui

The Old Wailuku Inn in Maui stands as a testament to both hospitality and mystery. While it offers a cozy bed and breakfast experience, many guests have left with tales of the supernatural. Flickering lights in rooms, mysterious murmurs, and the sensation of an unseen presence are frequently shared experiences. Some believe these occurrences link back to former guests or inhabitants who might still be tied to the inn.

Captain Cook's Monument

Honoring the famed explorer, the Captain Cook's Monument at Kealakekua Bay is a significant landmark. Alongside its historical relevance, tales suggest that Captain Cook's spirit might still be present. Some say he roams the area, potentially in search of tranquility he didn't find in life. Beyond its stunning scenery, the bay offers an added layer of intrigue for those interested in both history and legends.

For anyone looking to delve deep into Hawaii's history intertwined with its mysteries, these sites offer a rich tapestry of tales. As with all such places, it's essential to approach with respect and an open mind.

Hawaii Haunted Location

The Morgan House on Oahu

Situated in the verdant Manoa Valley on Oahu, The Morgan House stands as a significant Victorian-style structure, showcasing architectural prowess from the early 1900s. Key details about this site are:

  • Historical Significance: This edifice holds an essential place in Oahu's architectural and cultural landscape. It's a representation of an era marked by Victorian architectural nuances, thus offering a glimpse into a pivotal period in the island's history.

  • Reports of Paranormal Activity: Over its existence, The Morgan House has been the focal point of various accounts detailing unusual occurrences. Notable mentions include flickering lights, distinct noises that seem to lack an identifiable source, and general feelings of unease or the sensation of being watched by unseen entities.

  • Architectural Prowess: Embodying the Victorian era, The Morgan House showcases detailed woodworking, among other intricate designs, both internally and externally. The interiors are equally impressive, with rooms reflecting the styles and tastes of the period in which it was built.

  • Geographical Setting: Nestled within the scenic beauty of Manoa Valley, the surroundings of The Morgan House boast native Hawaiian vegetation, and the backdrop often includes panoramic mountain vistas, which add to the location's allure.

  • Investigative Opportunities: The house's history and the reported paranormal events make it a focal point for paranormal enthusiasts and investigators who wish to delve deeper into these claims.

  • Photography Potential: The combination of its architectural details, history, and setting makes The Morgan House an ideal subject for photographers, both professional and amateur.

Pali Lookout on Oahu

Perched on Oahu's southeastern cliffs, the Pali Lookout offers more than just picturesque views; it's a site steeped in history. Here's an extensive look:

  • Views: Standing at the lookout, one can capture expansive visuals of the Windward Coast, with waterfalls dotting the landscape and the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean on the horizon.

  • Historical Context: The significance of the Pali Lookout is deeply rooted in the Battle of Nuʻuanu. It marks a place where a defining moment in Hawaiian history occurred, leading to the unification of the Hawaiian Islands under King Kamehameha I's reign.

  • Wind Conditions: The area is known for its particularly strong wind currents, a defining feature of the Pali Lookout experience.

  • Paranormal Claims: Beyond its historical and natural appeal, the lookout has been a point of interest for paranormal enthusiasts. Accounts include temperature fluctuations, whisper-like noises, and claimed sightings of apparitions.

  • Spiritual Nuances: Many believe that the lookout possesses a palpable spiritual energy, possibly due to its history and the significant events that transpired there.

  • Cultural & Educational Offerings: A visit to the Pali Lookout can be educational. On-site, there are panels and displays providing a deeper understanding of Hawaii's complex past and the pivotal events that shaped its present.

'Iolani Palace in Honolulu

Located in the bustling heart of Honolulu, 'Iolani Palace stands as a reminder of Hawaii's regal past. Here are the notable aspects:

  • Historical Importance: As the last residence for Hawaiian royalty, notably King Kalakaua and Queen Lili'uokalani, the palace is a tangible link to the era of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

  • Architecture: The palace is a harmonious blend of Hawaiian and European architectural elements. Its interiors are marked by intricate design details, grand staircases, and chandeliers, reflecting the opulence of the times.

  • Paranormal Reports: Beyond its royal history, 'Iolani Palace has been associated with a myriad of paranormal claims. Visitors and staff have occasionally reported unusual experiences, from hearing footsteps to seeing apparitions.

  • Royal Artifacts: Housed within its walls is a collection of items, ranging from photographs to artifacts, which provide insights into the daily lives and governance of Hawaiian monarchs.

  • Guided Tours: To provide visitors with a richer understanding, 'Iolani Palace offers guided tours. These tours delve into its history, architecture, and the legacies of the monarchs who once resided there.

  • Grounds: Complementing the palace is its meticulously kept gardens, featuring a range of plants native to Hawaii. The grounds offer a quiet respite amidst Honolulu's urban setting.

  • Role in Cultural Preservation: 'Iolani Palace is not just a historical site; it plays an active role in preserving and promoting Hawaiian culture, reminding visitors and locals alike of Hawaii's unique and storied past.

Hawaii Haunted Place

The Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai's Northern Shore

Located on the northern tip of Kauai, the Kilauea Lighthouse is a distinguished structure that has a history dating back to the early 20th century. Here are the notable attributes of this location:

  • Geographical Setting: The Kilauea Lighthouse offers panoramic views of Kauai's rugged northern coastline. It provides visitors with a vantage point to observe dramatic cliffs and the vast Pacific Ocean.

  • Historical Role: Constructed in 1913, this lighthouse functioned as an essential navigational tool for vessels maneuvering around Kauai's waters. The structure provides insights into the maritime history of the region and the life of lighthouse keepers who were once responsible for its operation.

  • Paranormal Accounts: Throughout the years, the Kilauea Lighthouse has become associated with various paranormal tales. Reports range from sightings of unexplained figures to sounds that don't have an apparent source.

  • Conservation Area: The surrounding region, known as the Kilauea Lighthouse Wildlife Refuge, is dedicated to the protection of local seabirds and marine life. The area is especially significant for species like the Laysan albatross and the red-footed booby.

  • Exhibitions: Within the lighthouse, displays provide information about its historical significance, the maritime heritage of the area, and details about the wildlife refuge.

  • Trail Options: Starting at the Kilauea Lighthouse, there are coastal hiking paths that allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of Kauai's northern shore.

  • Retail Offering: The location also houses a souvenir shop that offers a variety of items commemorating the history and biodiversity of the region.

Haleiwa Town on Oahu's North Shore

Situated on the picturesque North Shore of Oahu, Haleiwa Town is recognized for its surfing culture and historic significance. Here's a comprehensive look at the town:

  • Surfing Heritage: Haleiwa Town is emblematic of Hawaii's surf culture. The area boasts surf boutiques, local eateries, and provides easy access to the North Shore's famous surf spots.

  • Historical Depth: Haleiwa has a history rooted in Hawaii's plantation era. Numerous preserved structures, such as the Haleiwa Store Lots, offer insights into an era where sugar plantation activities dominated.

  • Reports of Hauntings: Beyond its coastal charm, the town is known for paranormal tales and legends. Notable stories include sightings at the former Haleiwa Hotel and other mysterious accounts from residents and visitors.

  • Exploratory Tours: For those interested in diving deeper into the town's haunted past, there are guided ghost tours and self-led walking trails. These experiences aim to provide a more detailed understanding of the reported paranormal occurrences.

  • Cultural and Artistic Scene: Haleiwa is home to a vibrant arts community. Visitors have the opportunity to explore art galleries, craft markets, and boutiques that display the cultural richness of Hawaii.

  • Local Cuisine: The town is a culinary hotspot, offering a range of local dishes. Options range from fresh seafood to local specialties like garlic shrimp and shave ice.

  • Natural Beauty and Beaches: Haleiwa is in proximity to some of Oahu's most beautiful beaches. Popular locations like Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach provide recreational opportunities and scenic vistas.

Overall, Haleiwa Town is a multifaceted destination on Oahu's North Shore, combining surf culture, history, and a touch of the supernatural.

Hawaii Haunted House

The Mystical Petroglyphs of Waikoloa: Unveiling Ancient Spirits on Hawaii's Big Island

Within the Waikoloa region of the Big Island lies a site featuring petroglyphs, ancient rock carvings of significant importance. Here are the aspects of this location:

  • Cultural Relevance: The Waikoloa petroglyphs are of significant importance to the Native Hawaiian community. These carvings provide insights into the history and practices of the island's original inhabitants.

  • Ancient Carvings: These petroglyphs, etched into the black lava rock, showcase various designs ranging from human and animal figures to celestial patterns. They reflect the artistic and spiritual leanings of the ancient Hawaiians.

  • Spiritual Energy: In Hawaiian culture, there's a concept of mana, which translates to spiritual energy. Many believe that these petroglyphs hold such energy, and visitors often describe a profound connection when in their presence.

  • Guidance and Information: For those seeking a deeper understanding, guides and interpretive signs offer insights into the petroglyphs' significance and background.

  • Natural Surroundings: Positioned amid the Big Island's unique lava fields, these petroglyphs present a contrast between historical artistry and the surrounding volcanic environment.

  • Ambiance: The site's tranquility allows for reflection. It's an ideal space to appreciate the serenity, perhaps meditate, and feel the site's energy.

  • Preservation Efforts: These petroglyphs are safeguarded as they are culturally important. Visitors are advised to adhere to guidelines like using designated paths and avoiding physical contact with the petroglyphs to ensure they remain undisturbed for future generations.

Engaging with the Waikoloa petroglyphs allows visitors to appreciate ancient Hawaiian spiritual and artistic practices. It's a connection to a bygone era and a chance to feel the site's unique energy.


Hawaii is a harmonious blend of natural beauty, historical depth, and tales of the supernatural.

Locations like the 'Iolani Palace, Kilauea Lighthouse, and Haleiwa Town offer diverse experiences ranging from regal history to surfing traditions. A visit to the Waikoloa petroglyphs further enriches this journey, allowing a tangible connection to the island's ancient heritage.

While Hawaii promises serene landscapes and cultural richness, tales of the supernatural are interwoven into its tapestry. It's a journey that promises a mix of wonder and mystery. Navigate with an open mind and enjoy the multifaceted charm of Hawaii.

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